This Holiday Season, the Hampton Bays Beautification Association Holiday Decorating Committee led by Terence McGrath and his group of amazing volunteers helped to light up downtown Hampton Bays as well as Good Ground Road, the Rt. 24 Medians, the East Medians by the canal, the Pocket Park at the Post Office, the Pergola at Vince Cannuscio Trail, the Welcome to Hampton Bays Signs, the Anchor, the Flagpole, five big trees and the lighted wreaths on the antique lampposts.

 The amazing volunteers were; Mary Egan, Tim and Marianne Murphy, Mike Daly, Rosemarie Conway, Eric and Maureen Sutton, Gerry Dzwlewicz, John and Valerie Zuccarelli, Ron Campbell, Madeline and Jack O’Keefe, Rich Bauerfeind, John Sullivan and Phyllis Campisi.

 Also, many thanks to Merry Warner at Mother Earth Landscaping for the installation of holiday decorations around the Hamlet, Tom Maloney from Shinnecock Hardware, Daren Poles from Coastal Management and Vinnie Allegretta of V. Allegretta Electric. HBBA also appreciates the efforts of Susan La Vista of the Hampton Bays Library.

The Hampton Bays Beautification Association appreciates the generous financial contributions from the following:

 Mary Egan & Terence McGrath, Eric & Maureen Sutton, Allstate Insurance, John Siebold, Joel Huebner, Steve Maresca, Josephine Ziotis, Erika’s Fashions, Fandango, Virruso & Stephens, 7 Eleven, Skidmore Sports, Robert Ross, Swanotta Screenprinting, R.H. Nimons Jr., Mulvey Plumbing, Valerie and John Zuccarelli, John Quinn, Pooltastic Pools, Good Ground Antique Center, Andrea & Carl Groepler, Gregor Well Drilling, The Friel Family, Marianne & Tim Murphy, The Stacy Family, Hampton Bays Rotary Club, Village Auto Body, Sunday’s On The Bay, James Patton, Boardy Barn, Kenneth Kobarg, Liz Garvey, Hampton Liggett Drug, Nancy & Craig Klose, Laura & Bob O’Gorman, Melrose Deli, Jones & Little CPA’s, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clemenz, Louis Kolarik, Betty Sparta, Oakland’s Restaurant, Fran Roffe, Ken & Kathy Mendum, East Coast Mines, Jane Larkin, Dave Hawke of Strong Oil, Lawrence Kuhn, Ellen Naro, Terry Hanna, Seifert & Associates Optometry, Kathleen Spellman, Tracy & Marty Gazzani, We’ll Floor U, Helen Gerraghty, Kathy & Brian Dunn, Hampton Bays Limousine, Hampton Maid, Coldwell Banker, Madeline and Jack O’Keefe, Ellen Telzer, Dagmar Phillips, Shinnecock Animal Hospital, Joan Johnston, Monica Freeman, Gail Murcott, Virginia Ward, Spring and Summer Activities, Eileen Grogan, Howard Siegel, Maryann D. O’ Connor, Esq., Joe and Kay Geoghan and Village Real Estate.

 The volunteers and the financial contributions made it possible for HBBA to help make this holiday a joyous one filled with hope for a healthy and happy New Year.

 Hampton Bays Beautification President, Susan von Freddi



Important NEWS Regarding the CANOE PLACE INN MPDD

Letter to the Editor, Southampton Press Sept 23, 2013

A Special Meeting of the Hampton Bays Beautification Association Board of Directors was held on Sept 21, 2013.

HBBA’s Mission Statement states the object of this Association is to promote the beauty and quality of life in Hampton Bays by united effort and action in every possible lawful manner. HBBA has followed that mission since its inception in1985.

HBBA revitalized itself 18 years ago by hard work and built this organization to an all time high of 1170 members as of today.

Our members attending our monthly meetings have been informed regarding plans of the Canoe Place Inn MPDD project for over two years.  Until the DGEIS was filed we did not have all the details.  Now that information is available through the town’s website to anyone member who wishes to take the time to review the documents.

HBBA has the largest membership in this community and apparently there is a great difference of opinion regarding this project. Many of our HBBA members like the idea of the revitalization of the Canoe Place Inn. Many members have expressed their concerns and opposition for the Townhouses on the East side of the Canal.  Other members are in favor of the plan, while others have an entirely different vision for the Canal area.

The good works that we have accomplished are many and appreciated by a large percentage of our community.  It is for that reason we have been successful in making Hampton Bays more beautiful and improving the quality of life here.

It is not HBBA’s mandate or appropriate for our Board to express a position either for or against the project on behalf of the membership, which we now know, is apparently divided on this issue.

Therefore, the Board of Directors have decided:

“Hampton Bays Beautification Association as an organization no longer supports the Canoe Place Inn MPDD application. The Board of Directors has decided it is inappropriate for them to decide either for or against the Canoe Place Inn MPDD for the entire membership of 1170 members. The Board of Directors strongly urges every member of Hampton Bays Beautification to learn the facts concerning this MPDD Application and express their personal opinions directly to the Town Board. “

Susan von Freddi, President and the Board of Directors of the Hampton Bays Beautification Association


2013 Concert Under The Stars 

HBBA would like to thank the Major Sponsors: TD Bank and Hampton Bays Town Center    

Sponsors: The Boardy Barn and King Kullen Super Market.

Benefactors: Rechler Equity Partners – CPI PDD, The Caiola Family.

Associates:  Hampton Limo, Shinnecock Animal Hospital, Hampton Maid, Strong Oil, Village Auto Body, Peconic Bay Fence.

Friends: Village Real Estate, Allegretta Electrical Corp, Oakland’s Restaurant, Edgewater Restaurant, Sunday’s Restaurant, Buckley’s Inn Between, Spring/Summer Pools, South Fork Realty, S. Lodato and G. Rosswag, Gayles Beauty Salon, Jamie’s Body Shop, Villa Paul Restaurant, Hampton Bays Liquors, Mulvey Plumbing, Good Ground Associates, Easterner Motel, Birthright of Peconic and Uncle Bob’s Storage.

The Hampton Bays Beautification Association would like to thank the following

individuals and businesses for their generosity in supporting our Garden Party.  Their contributions will help to beautify our hamlet during the 2013 season.

Lynch’s Garden Center, Jones, Little & Co. CPA’s, Peconic Bay Fence, Village Real Estate,

Hampton Auto Wash, Hampton Maid, Elmore Associates, Revolve Hair Salon, We’ll Floor You,

Lighten-Up Glass Studio, My Computer Shop, Good Ground Yoga, Fandango, Oakland’s

Spring and Summer Activities, Skidmore’s Sporting Goods, Brewster’s Seafood, Hildreth’s

Suffolk Cement, Panera Bread, AT&T, Buckley’s Inn Between, Canal Café, Cowfish Restaurant

Carolyn’s Good Ground Cleaners, Allstate Insurance, Gayle & Jamie’s Salon, Hampton Nursery,

James Maguire Antiques, Mother Earth Designs, Seaside Gift Shoppe, 1 North Steakhouse, Erika’s,

Riverhead Lumber, United Artists’ Theater, E-Day Spa & Salon, Starbucks, Salon East, Scotto’s,

Rino’s Trattoria & Pizzeria, Angel Tips Nail Salon, Hampton Liggett Drugs, Bird House Kingdom,

Nurel’s Farmers’ Market, Paul’s Restaurant, Madison Printing, Bar Boy, Shinnecock Hardware,

Hampton Bays Bagels, United Parcel Service, Little Bird Nail Salon, Uncle Joe’s Pizza, Molly Doyle,

Hampton Bays Diner, Rumba’s Island Cuisine & Rum Bar, Maryann D. O’Connor, Esq.

Stop & Shop, Tickled Pink Nails, King Kullen, Francesca’s Restaurant, Krieg’s Bakery,

Rainbow Framing & Needlework, Shinnecock Animal Hosp., Cor-J’s Seafood, Daughter Time,

Roses & Rice, HB Wine & Spirits, Breezin Up, Wild by Nature, Villa Paul, Lobster Grill

Molnar’s Landing, Gators, Four 1’s Taxi, Wine Depot, Planet Fitness, Carl & Jack’s

HB Chiropractic, Roanoke Plaza Liquors, Eileen Clark.

Here’s the link to the Hampton Bays DGEIS study. It’s 400+ pages. I found the Executive Summary to be a good synopsis and then, for those interested, they can dig in further to this section or that.



Congratulations to Molly Doyle and John Zuccarelli who were honored at the December Holiday Luncheon as the Angels of the Year.

2012 Angels of the Year

2012 Angels of the Year


Hampton Bays Beautification Association

         HBBA truly appreciates and thanks the following for contributions to the Hampton Bays Beautification Association Decorating Project this holiday season.

         This year HBBA made several changes in our approach and expanded on other ideas that helped to light up the downtown area of our hamlet.  We added some really pretty lights to the median on Rt. 24 and also on the east end of town by the canal.  The new lights on the lampposts at Good Ground Rd. were a major improvement as well.   The donations to our project made it possible for the Beautification Association to make this holiday a joyous one for our community.

These contributions were greatly appreciated and the monies raised helped us in our continuing effort to make Hampton Bays look wonderful. We hope you enjoyed it.

Our thanks go to: Vinnie Allegretta Electric Company, Tom Maloney at Shinnecock Hardware, Merry Warner and Crew, We’ll Floor You, Hampton Maid, Dagmar Phillips, Ken Kobarg, Hampton Bays Limousine, Shinnecock Animal Hospital, RBC Financial, Rotary Club of Hampton Bays, Maloney and Maloney, Irish American Society, Harold Siegel, Ken and Kathy Henderson, Joe and Kay Geoghan, Matthew Shear, Allstate Insurance, Planet Fitness, William and Pat Friel, Villa Paul Restaurant, Elmore Associates, Melrose Deli, East Coast Mines, Valerie Scott, Steven Maresca Associates, Village Auto Body, Coldwell Banker Trading Places, Pooltastic, Sunday’s on the Bay, Buckley’s, Terry McGrath and Mary Egan, Richard Gioia, Terry Hanna, Kathy and Brian Dunn, Carl Groepler, Frances Virruso, Jones and Little & Co. CPA , Louis Kolarik, Kathleen and John Spellman, Joel Huebner, CPA, Merri Winkler and John Siebold, Vincent Corrigan, Elizabeth Garvey, Larry Peters, Lawrence Kuhn, Jerry Johnson, Hampton Bays Liquors, Lawrence Houston and Bernard Connolly, Nancy and Craig Klose, Karl Bonawandt, E Day Spa and Salon, Skidmore Sports, Tracy and Marty Gazzani, Coastal Property Management, Albert Weinschenk, Robert Ross, Jack and Madeline O’Keefe, Maryann O’Connor,  Esq., Good Ground Antiques, Fandango, Hampton Liggett Drugs, Warren Smith, Margaret Nelson, Reynolds Nimons Jr., Jane Larkin, Beth Lewis, Gail Murcott, Ellen Naro, John Quinn, Betty Sparta, Helen Geraghty, Laura and Bob O’Gorman

I’d also like to thank the committee that made all this possible, Chairman, Terence McGrath and his crew of elves.

Susan von Freddi, HBBA President

Holidays in Hampton Bays

Holidays in Hampton Bays


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