HBBA Decorate 2016
The Hampton Bays Beautification would like to thank everyone helping HBBA decorate our Hamlet for the holiday season. With their help, we make our community a festive place during this special time of the year.
Thanks to Merry Warner, V. Allegretta Electric Company, Tom Maloney of Shinnecock Hardware and Southampton Christmas Lights.

Thanks to the HBBA Holiday Committee Chairman Mike Daly and volunteers Jack and Madeline O’Keefe, Marianne and Tim Murphy, John and Valerie Zuccarelli, Gene Carlson and Tom Carpenter.

This is our sixth year of decorating and we have expanded coverage with lighted wreaths, decorated trees, the pergola and lights all along Good Ground Road. We installed an extensive array of tree lighting at all the Medians, Train Station, Ponquogue Ave, Post Office, Main Street, UA Theater, Welcome Sign, Flagpole area and at King Kullen. We have also planted a few live Christmas trees and added lights and stars.

Finally, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who answered our Holiday Fund Campaign.
MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS: Bob Morrow – Hampton Bays Town Center, Carolyn & Mike Drexel, Weber & Grahn, Vincent Ianelli, Maryann O’Conner, Esq., Shinnecock Animal Hospital, Villa Paul Restaurant and Oakland’s/Sundays
SPONSORS: Ken Pagano, Allstate Agency, Hampton Maid, Bellringer Associates, Glen Seifert Inc., Ray & Pat Dash, Pooltastic, Martin Marsilio, Village Real Estate, Bettina Benson, Robert Ross, Louis Kolarik, Theresa Hanna, Joel Huebner, CPA, We’ Floor U, William & Patricia Friel, Jones, Little, & Co. CPA, Jackson’s Marina, Ken & Kathy Henderson, Michael & Lina Romagnoli, Old Town Lodge #908, Ken Kobarg, Eileen Grogan & John Konz, J.Ronald Scott Funeral Home, Spring and Summer Activities, James Patton, John & Pat Morello, Mary Egan & Terry McGrath, Carl & Andrea Groepler, Jerry Johnston, Michael Ceravolo, Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning, Reynold Nimons, Al & Lisa Weinschenk, Lawrence Kuhn, Lawrence Peters, Ellen Naro, Hutchison Landscaping, Bernard Connolly & Lawrence Houston, Hampton Bays Limousine, Brian & Kathy Dunn, Frances Roffe, Mike & Grace Daly, John & Katheen Spellman, Jim Morgo, Fandango, Hampton Liggett Drugs, Skidmore’s, Dr. Robert Pickford DMD, Jamie’s Beauty Salon, Gators Restaurant, Joe & Kathleen Geoghan, Janet & Frank Thomas, Cowfish Restaurant, Sam & Elizabeth Ahmed, Elizabeth Sparta, Corrine Quinn, John Siebold, Gail Murcott, Bernie & Jean Waters, Helen Geraghty, Eric & Maureen Sutton, Laura O’Gorman, Elizabeth Garvey, Ellen Telzer, Joan Johnston, Jeanne Brophy, Tim & Marianne Murphy, Jack & Madeline O’Keefe, John & Valerie Zuccarelli, Tracy & Marty Gazzani, and the Stacy family.

HBBA wishes all of you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season and a very Merry Christmas.
Susan von Freddi-Gassman, President